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Information on these web pages

Information about hotels mentioned on these web pages can be downloaded, copied and printed for personal purposes, however, it is forbidden to use this information in any way for commercial purposes. It is also forbidden to modify this information in any way by the users.

CPI Hotels, a.s. is not responsible for accuracy and reliability of the information mentioned on these web pages and does not bear any responsibility in connection with using of this information by third parties.

CPI Hotels, a.s. is not responsible for mistakes or omissions, which appear on these web pages and reserves a right to modify the information mentioned herein, namely through update of these web pages.

In accordance with the Act on Protection of the Personal Data, the users have got a right to claim change or deletion of the personal data the use of which is unjustified.

Brands, logos, photographs

Names and logos of the hotels used on these web pages are protected trademarks registered by CPI Hotels, a.s., if anything else is not mentioned in a concrete case. Any use of the brands, names and logos of the hotels is possible only with a written consent of CPI Hotels, a.s.

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Hypertext references

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Information about the scope and purpose of processing personal data and the rights of the subjects of the data

For the purpose of fulfilling my obligations stemming from CPI Hotels, a.s. from Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as the administrator processing your personal data, I would hereby like to notify you about the processing details and your rights related to processing of this data.

CPI Hotels, a.s, processes your personal data for the purpose of carrying out orders, reservations, for concluding and fulfilling contracts concerning the services offered and provided by them and furthermore in cases imposed by law, especially the Local Charges Act for the purpose of collecting spa or leisure stay fees or for accommodation fees and the Aliens Act, when the provision of personal data is obligatory.

In the cases indicated above, in keeping with stipulation § 5 para. 2 lett. a), b) and e) of Act No. 101/2000 Sb. for the protection of personal data, CPI Hotels, a.s. is authorised to process your personal data, even without receiving your prior consent.

Personal data may only be processed to the scope required by law or the absolutely essential scope, encompassing basic contact details and identification data pertaining to a natural person. Personal data is processed by CPI Hotels, a.s. as the administrator, or alternatively their contractual compiler, either in an automated manner or via other means.

Any other persons who come into contact with personal data, are obligated to maintain confidentiality about providing personal data, also including security measures for their protection. This obligation continues in the event of termination of their legal relationship with CPI Hotels, a.s.  or alternatively with their contractual compiler.

In connection with the processing of your personal data, CPI Hotels, a.s would also like to take this opportunity to notify you about your rights relating to the processing, listed below:

  • the right to access personal data;
  • the right to correct personal data;
  • the right to request an explanation and rectify the situation in the event that personal data processing is in violation of the law;/li>
  • the right to claim compensation or non-material damage if this is incurred as a result of processing personal data.

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